3 Channel 5A DMX512 Controlled Relay Switch Kit DIY Converter DMX Dimmer Relais


Specifications Working voltage: DC12V-24V Relay load: 5A per channel Controller: DMX512 3P D mx512 Data: 0-127 Relay Switch OFF,128-255 Relay Switch ON Size:120*55*20 Weight: 100g DIP10 function key (FUN). DIP10 (FUN) is OFF, as DMX512 mode, receive standard DMX512 signal. Occupies three address code, (R, G, B for each channel), DIP1-DIP9 address code setting. When less than 127 DMX512 data relay off DMX512 data is greater than 127 when the relay is closed DIP10 (FUN) is ON, the built-in change mode and does not receive standard DMX512 signal. DIP1-DIP9 to invoke the built-in effects settings.

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